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East Lounge Dublin Airport

project information

Glenbeigh delivered the East Lounge at Dublin Airport in late 2019. The new premier lounge for Business and First-Class passengers travelling to eastern destinations. East Lounge is an oasis of calm offering customers the space to relax, to dine or to work before boarding their flight. The concept and design of the lounge has a uniquely Irish feel which is warm and welcoming with fantastic views of the airfield and Dublin mountains.

The interior design and feel of the East Lounge is underpinned by the concept of east meeting west. The logo for the lounge was inspired by the Ogham alphabet, which was used to write the Irish language in the medieval period, and means the point where east meets west.

The lounge design and ethos fits in beautifully with DAA’s Sense of Place Project, which provides passengers flying to Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong and Istanbul a last opportunity to enjoy Irish art, culture, design, food and beverage at the airport before they depart. The base colours chosen for the lounge are warm greys and rich greens from Kilkenny limestone and Connemara marble. The grain in the Irish oak wood tables and panels have angles between 45 and 135 degrees, all pointing towards the east.

LocationDublin Airport
ArchitectBHP / Nineyards Design
RoleMain Contractor